Friday,October 2: Public Talk- Learn how to make your own video game! Talk 1 of 3

September 21, 2015



This is a series of 3 talks on how to design your own video game for the personal computer. This is talk 1 of 3.

Talk 1: Game development tools
A programmer’s overview of what sorts of game development libraries and tools are out there, what they do, and how to choose ones that work for you.

Talk 2: Game architecture
The basics of what goes into a game, how to organize your code, what the entity-component model is and why it’s awesome.

Talk 3: Game performance
Keeping your frame-rate smooth, common mistakes and design patterns, and what to not worry about.

This is a free talk and demonstration open to the public. Event starts at 7pm. We are in the garage around back on Watson St. Look for our flag.


Saturday, September 19: Public Talk- Let’s learn all about Integrated Circuits!

September 8, 2015



Not all projects need a micro-controller or Arduino to run them. Sometimes, all you need to control a project are a few cheap IC chips. Learn what an IC Chip is, the parts that go into them, the basics of IC chips, and a few basic IC chips that preform essential functions in a project. The IC chips we will be covering are:

-The 555 timer, a chip that can act as either a signal generator or as a delay.
-The 741 Op-Amp, a chip that amplifies signals.
-The AND, OR, and NOT chips. These chips preform Boolean logic to give your project a basic form of intelligence.

This is a free talk and demonstration open to the public.

Saturday, September 19. 6pm-7:30pm

We are in the garage around back on Watson St. Look for our flag.


Friday, September 4: Event- Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

August 27, 2015
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Who doesn’t like home made Ice Cream? The only part that sucks is waiting for it to freeze. Well, we have came up with a solution… LIQUID NITROGEN of course!!! Come down on Friday and take in the festivities! We will be doing a demo on Liquid Nitrogen as well as making some cool treats! Bring a recipe for your favorite ice cream and a project to work on if you’d like!

Doors open at 7pm, the event starts shortly there after. We’re located at 1936 5th Avenue, in the garage around back on Watson. Look for our flag above the door.


Saturday, July 25th: Class – Intro to Sensors for Arduino

July 15, 2015
Tickets on sale at:
Blinking lights, buzzing speakers, and spinning motors are all fine and dandy but if you want you project to see and hear you need SENSORS! HackPittsburgh will be holding an intermediate level class on building circuits and reading various types of sensors with the Arduino. The class will focus on devices that output voltage, current, or resistance including accelerometers, photodiodes, thermistors, and more! In order to integrate these devices we will cover the basics of voltage dividers, and wheatstone bridges.
As mentioned, this is NOT a beginner’s class.
Those attending are expected to be able to write simple Arduino sketches without guidance and also be familiar with the basic concepts of a resistor and capacitor as well as voltage and current. You will need to bring a laptop and Arduino with all associated cables. Included in the ticket price, you will receive a variety of different sensors and the parts needed to hook them into your Arduino!

Class is open to anyone, membership in HackPittsburgh is not required.

You must bring: an Arduino, a laptop, and a cable to connect the two (varies depending on your Arduino).

You will take home: a variety of different sensors and the parts needed to hook them into your Arduino!

Date and Time: Saturday, July 25th, 2015 at 1:00pm

Location: HackPittsburgh, 1936 5th Avenue, the garage around back on Watson


Friday, July 10th: Event: Nikola Tesla’s Birthday

July 6, 2015


Nikola Tesla was born 159 years ago this Friday July 10. To celebrate, the Tesla Club at HackPittsburgh is hosting some presentations related to Nikola Tesla and his work.

See Tesla Club website:

The following presentations will take place:

Presentation by Luc Berger:

• We demonstrate Tesla’s induction motor, based on the magic of ROTATING MAGNETIC FIELDS.

• As Tesla tried to do with his GIANT STEEL TOWER, we use electromagnetic fields to TRANSFER ENERGY across empty space.

• Tesla invented the radio. See how a crystal of FOOL’S GOLD from a rock shop can be used to make a radio!

Presentation by Geno Soroka:

• oneTesla musical tesla coil playing music via midi file, midi piano, and other methods.

• Playing with wireless transmission of energy using Tesla coil

• Theremin presentation

-Presentation by other High Voltage/Tesla enthusiasts:

• Whatever you want. Bring your Tesla Coils and related projects!

Event starts at 7:30pm